01/08/2021 - Change to COVID Level

Following the most recent review of our COVID-19 Level.

The board have decided the following:

Effective of 01/08/2021 we will move gradually to Level 2 with the Stipulation that if the data calls for it we move back to level 3.

What will Change:

  • Social Distancing no longer needs to be observed within the space

  • Masks will still be mandatory (usual exemptions apply)

  • From 01/08/2021 - Members Meetings & Team Meetings can be take place in person (however virtual option must remain for the time being to allow those who aren’t comfortable with in person meetings yet to take part)

  • From 20/08/2021 - Social & Space events can begin to start back up including Games Night, Hack the Space Days, Training Workshops etc (Guests will also be welcome from this point)

  • From September (exact date to be confirmed) we will reopen for open evenings

What Will remain in place:

  • Masks will still be required until we move to level 1

  • You must still Inform the board if you (or anyone in your household) develops symptoms within 3 days of being in the space

  • you must not visit the space for at least 14 days if you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been in contact with someone who is showing symptoms or tested positive for the disease in the past 14. days

The next review of this will be the week beginning the 16th of August prior to the changes occurring on the 20th

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