10 Feb / 15 Feb: Co-creation Workshop: Cohesion between Immigrants and Locals

Hi everyone

I am JL, a Masters student at Hyper Island school in Manchester, and I
specialise in service design.

Community cohesion is becoming increasingly important. The number of people
displaced due to climate change and armed conflicts will increase in
future, which makes integration of immigrants with the local community a
pressing concern.

I believe that makers have the unique “can-do” spirit and inspire others to
create new possibilities. I would like to invite you to two creative
workshops to explore new ways to bring immigrants and locals closer
. Other immigrants and locals are coming along to focus their
efforts on this issue.

The two workshops will be held on:

If you happen to know any other makers/hackers who might be interested,
please forward the message to them too please? Thank you.

Hope to see you there :slight_smile:

Jia Liang Wong
MA Digital Experience Design
Hyper Island, UK
jialiangwong.com | Twitter https://twitter.com/jialiangwong | LinkedIn