2020 Board Elections

Dear Members,

The board elections for this year have been called, and the formal announcement is attached. You have until the end of the 21st of October to nominate other members for election to the board.

To do so you must email election@hacman.org.uk with your nomination from the email address you use in the membership system, stating your name and the name(s) of the member(s) you wish to nominate.

You do not need to nominate current board members - they will automatically be asked if they wish to stand. You can’t nominate the returning officer.

Greg Morris (as Returning Officer)

hsmet_2020.pdf (40.7 KB)

This is a reminder that nominations are due by the end of today. Late nominations will not be accepted.

Greg Morris (as Returning Officer)

If you are a member you should have received (or be about to receive) your voting email. If you think you should have received one, but haven’t, please email election@hacman.org.uk with your email address and username and I will look into it.

The candidates have all provided a short piece of text to encourage you to vote for them - none of these were found to be over the length limit, and are reproduced below in random order.

Ellan Pearce

My name is BunnyGirl (Ellan), and I hope to be able to be on the Board again for the next Exciting 2 years. Others have said that I’ve been there for the members and worked hard for the space to keep it alive for the members to enjoy. If elected, I would strive to be there for you and Hackspace again. Especially during these hard times, our lovely members need the Board to be there for them and I am really looking forward to being one of The Board that are always there for you again as much as we are now.

Mark Dale

I joined in August 2019 and quickly became a member that spends a lot of time at the space. As such I understand the value and importance of the space.

I consider myself an all-round user of the space and find myself working across all the different areas using a variety of the tools.

If elected I would put my focus into looking for ways to improve the space for existing members while activity encouraging the introduction of new people to the hackspace.

Jason France

I have been a continuous member since 2017. In that time I have volunteered to be part of procurement refilling snackspace for you & being a laser (maint|tr)ainer.

My thing is transparency. I want to encourage good process & governence systems are nurtured by the board. I believe this will help our future selves and encourage the memebership to engage and take responsibility for the direction, utility & prosperity of our space.

I will be as transparent as possible. If I am able I will divulge.

Ross Stevenson

I’ve been a member for the last 4 years & have served on the board for the last 2. During this time I’ve taken the lead on various projects including implementation of the new membership system, the move to the new space & most recently on the changes to governance to make the space more transparent & accountable to members & want to continue in a board role to ensure these changes are implemented & work with the rest of the board & the membership to improve the space & ensures it continues to grow & thrive

No Further Places is a candidate that, if elected, leaves any further positions vacant, rather than filling them. The election would stop, and no more candidates would be elected.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask - I can be contacted by emailing election@hacman.org.uk.

Greg Morris - Returning Officer


These elections close this coming Wednesday.