2023 Board Elections

Dear Members,

The board elections for this year have been called, and the formal documentation is attached. You have until the end of the 1st of October to nominate other members for election to the board.

To do so you must email elections@hacman.org.uk (Note this email address has changed) with your nomination(s) from the email address you use in the membership system, stating your name and the name(s) or username(s) of the member(s) you wish to nominate.

You do not need to nominate current board members - they will automatically be asked if they wish to stand. You can’t nominate the returning officer.

Greg Morris (as Returning Officer)

hsmet_2023.pdf (55.8 KB)

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Dear Members,

This is a reminder that the deadline for nominations is at the end of this weekend.


This is the last election announcement before nominations close - if you wish to nominate members for election to the board you must do so before midnight.

If you are a member you should shortly receive your voting email. If you think you should have received one, but haven’t by 1300 today, please email elections@hacman.org.uk with your email address and username and I will look into it.

Except where noted the candidates have provided a short piece of text to encourage you to vote for them - none of these were found to be over the length limit, and are reproduced below in random order.

image Harvy

Hello there, I’m a long-time member of the hackspace. If voted, I’d make significant changes: using a little-known loophole, I’d enable a takeover via a shell corporation I have set up. All other directorship positions would be eliminated, replaced by actual puppets.
I believe the only way to rule is with an iron fist. I advocate for a strong dictatorship with complete control over all areas and systems aiming to revamp various areas with a cleanout crew and refurbishments.
This needs to be paid for so the economy of the hackspace should be looked at, funded by compelling members to sell creations on Etsy, giving back 60% to the “space”.
This would essentially turn the hackspace into a banana republic. The funds raised would also be used for certain other hackspaces of my choosing that need liberating by adopting this model.
I have found that health and safety to be too imposing, we should go back to rule zero and one only. We may lose our insurance but that is a price we all have to pay… or not ironically

image Periklis Petropoulos

"Because someone needs to do it"™

My name is Periklis and I have been a HacMan member for nearly two years. I have been recently released from the shackles of my PhD and I am ready to offer my time and energy to my favourite “third place”, Hacman.

image Adam Paigge

I have experience running coworking spaces and fab labs and want to bring some of that experience to the table to manage the operations of the manchester hackspace. It’s been a bastion for so many people and projects over the years and I believe I can be a good steward of the space.

image Ben Dooks

Hi, as a long standing member and previous board member I am doing my bit for the hackspace by standing for a board position. I work around the space as the deputy electrican and help out with snackspace runs.

I am standing to keep the space running and to ensure there are enough board members to fulfill the management responsibilites. I hope to keep the space running efficiently for the benefit of all the mmebers.

image Jasmine Streatfield

Since I became a member last year, I’ve really appreciated the warm welcome I’ve received within our space and have been making a more conscious effort to contribute where I can lately. I’m sure that the new board roles suggested by JC is just what the space needs right now, and I’m particularly interested in taking on the Development role.

Beyond the responsibilities outlined for Development, my top priority is to maintain a friendly, somewhat organized, and safe Hackspace for both long-time members and new ones too.

I’m excited about ensuring that our Hackspace continues to be a place where everyone feels not only welcome but also comfortable to work on their projects or just hang out and connect with other hackers. I hope you can support me in making a more inviting, inclusive, and enjoyable Hackspace!

(Also - if I’m elected I’ll find cinnabunny myself, not get some drunken crab on the case.)

image Peter Roberts

I joined the hackspace a few months after moving to Manchester 2 years ago. I’ve really appreciated it, not just as a place to find tools I couldn’t afford or fit in my house, but also as a welcoming community of people. I’ve met lots of inspiring, creative people in a convenient location. It’s likely you primarily know me as the guy running a lot of the inductions in woodwork. This work has given me a lot of contact with new as well as established members. Along with that I’m more than familiar with the everyday problems that frustrate many of us. My priorities are improving communication and information storage inside the hackspace, and improving safety protocols and maintenance. My hope is to examine and improve the processes within the hackspace so that collaboration is easier, the burden of work on individuals is reduced, active members can get the help they need and new members feel welcome and involved.

image Rob Jackson

Knowing that a space like ours only works with a supportive community around it, I’m keen to contribute to it however I can.

Sometimes that’s as simple as taking the bins out. Or taking equipment to bits to figure out why something’s broken & how to fix it. Or when I find time, offering up my professional skills to make improvements to our digital systems.

As an effective board of one, JC has made incredible progress over the past year bringing the space forward operationally, but work like that doesn’t end. It takes consistent care & attention to keep a space like ours running smoothly, and more importantly – running sustainably, and we need a populated board to achieve that.

I’m nervous about running for the board. I’m scared of actually ending up there :rofl: But I’m keen to contribute, and if shouldering some board-level duties is the best way for me to do so then vote me in – I’ll have a good go at it.

(Though be warned: I’ll recruit Detective Danger Crab onto the missing Cinnabunny case if I’m elected!)

image Ellan Pearce

This candidate has chosen not to submit any text.

image Leah Heffernan

Hi I’m Leah! I’m a student and I’ve not been here very long (yet I already broke the door) but I really love what the hackspace stands for and what it enables people to do and if being on the board helps that goal I’m excited by the prospect Of it! Thanks

No Further Places is a candidate that, if elected, leaves any further positions vacant, rather than filling them.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask - I can be contacted by emailing elections@hacman.org.uk.

Greg Morris - Returning Officer


The election results are as follows:

Harvy, Ben Dooks, Jasmine Streatfield, Peter Roberts, and Rob Jackson have been elected. A full account of votes cast will be emailed by our voting platform to all voters.

Turnout was 28%, and was sufficient for a quorum. There were 36 valid nominations made by nine members, and the automatic nomination of one board member. Nine were accepted, 19 declined, and seven provided no timely definitive response.

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