26 November 2022 | Community Hack the Space Day!

Hi everyone.

At the AGM we discussed more frequent in-person days for the community. This upcoming event will give people a chance to meet other folks while making the space more clean, organised, and functional.

We hope to be running these every 3/4 months.

:spiral_calendar: The next Hack the Space day is planned for Saturday 26 Nov 2022. If some jobs run over, we then have Sunday to come in and finish up.

What is a Hack the Space day :question:
It’s a day where members come in to the space to clean, tidy, fix, organise, and generally improve the space. We plan what needs to be done beforehand (see below) and there is usually one or two people in charge and assigning jobs.

What do I need to do :question:
Turn up on the day with a can-do attitude and a decent breakfast inside you. If there are particular jobs you’d like to do, you can discuss in this thread.

Do I really have to come in for a whole day :question:
No. Even an hour is really helpful. We’ll likely be working from early (8ish) to late (11ish) with some possible spillover into Sunday.

Will there be perks :question:
As well as the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get from making the Hackspace a better place, we can provide pizza at lunchtime.

:blue_car: Tip drivers wanted
HTS days typically generate a lot of rubbish. If anyone is prepared to do a few runs to the tip in their car or van, that would be really useful.

:safety_vest: To-do list (work in progress)
I will add items as they are suggested in the discussion


  • Buy cleaning materials (mop(s), bucket(s), cleaning chemicals TBC)


  • Audit large project storage and dispose of offending projects
  • Declutter regular members’ storage area
  • Fit rear parts to shelving in members’ storage


  • Take wood scraps to tip
  • General tidy/declutter
  • Sweep and mop
  • Finish router table in woodwork


  • Tidy and organise hand tools
  • Clean oil spill around Myford


  • Clean and organise snackspace
  • Clean and tidy bathroom
  • Update the notice board area - it looks a bit dead.
  • Set up PPE supply areas in the different rooms.
  • Set up cleaning stations in each area.
  • Sort through unlabelled boxes in the space, checking if the space needs the items, and labelling the box if so. Not for personal objects, more for random boxes of wires etc.
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Hi Mike,

I’ll be there and am happy to help drive the ship.

Unfortunately I can’t take my van to the tip as my van paperwork isn’t to the standard the council want to grant me a non-commercial van permit (same address on all documents and ID).


Cheers Joe. Vans are nice but I’ve shifted monumental quantities of stuff from the space in my little 3-door Fiesta!

Adding items here:

  • Fit rear parts to shelving in members’ storage
  • Finish router table in woodwork
  • Update the notice board area - it looks a bit dead.
  • Set up PPE supply areas in the different rooms.
  • Set up cleaning stations in each area.
  • Sort through unlabled boxes in the space, checking if the space needs the items, and labelling the box if so. Not for personal objects, more for random boxes of wires etc.

Posters going up in the space now!

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I’d like to get the black door to the central staircase made back into a fire exit. Will eventually need some kind of barrier or retaining wall built so large projects don’t spill in front, but for the time we can move things aside and spray paint the floor.

Cheers cone. It’s not letting me edit the OP any more, but the list goes on! I’ll be in tomorrow to explore the necessary pre-jobs. @Josephxtian are you OK if I order the cleaning kit(s)?

You should now be able to edit the original post once again.

What cleaning stuff do you mean? Really we need some sort of defined list, even if it’s just a rough cost estimate/list of bits.

The board approved at our last meeting the purchase of an Asda mop head to replace our broken one, and 4x dustpan and brush (for each of metal, wood, VA and general)

I hadn’t moved forward with the purchases yet because ideally we’d have the ‘cleaning stations’ set up. But if you want to crack on then be my guest.

Cheers Joe. So I think we (and by that I mean “I”) can purchase the cleaning bits so that they’re at the space, in their packages, ready to be used during the day. Then they can be put away in their new cleaning station homes. Shall I send an itemised purchase request to board@?

If someone would like to look at the box of shame system, that’s up for grabs.

It seems the boxes we have at the moment aren’t working as we hoped, and we need a way of having a box of shame for depositing things left about the space, as well as 3 boxes which rotate each week. After three weeks anything left is up for grabs or binned.

I legit thought that was no longer a system! It’s never really been mentioned to me in my 3+ years as a thing. Who polices it?

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Um, noone. It really needs to become a thing again! It used to be Greg and I would rotate them on open evenings, but that was when we were upstairs and we had three boxes in the cube-shelves

I wonder if this could come under the proposed plan (that exists in my head) of rota-ing open evenings among a bunch of people. Open duty involves a quick tidy, sort out BOS, etc.

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Yes please Mike, that would be great if you could send us the proposal.

I also thought the box of shame wasn’t a thing anymore, considering I’ve been in discussions where members didn’t think 6 months was enough time to claim something.

I’m not entirely sure the box of shame is fit for what we need anymore, a lot of the stuff we really want out of the space is much bigger than the boxes. Though I’m sure if I cut the vending machine up it might fit in :sweat_smile:

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So that cleaning proposal is incoming (apologies, my ISP can’t handle Screwfix.com, long story) but I also went and had a look at large project storage last night.

My intention was to “pre-tidy” the area, identifying non-compliant things and hauling them to one side, but I think most items in there are “legal”. The area just needs a good re-org and tidy up. I think a couple of people can tackle that on the 26th, and maybe identify any offending items to be earmarked for disposal.

A couple of people seem to have a lot of objects there. I suggest they get a gentle reminder post-event about that. But overall, it’s not as horrific as I thought.

Also to-do on the day. Bin all the crappy unusable paint and painting supplies that blight our entranceway

Now we’re just two weeks out, it’s worth asking who’s going to be running things on the day. I’ve privately said that I’m not going to be around for the whole day (this was always the case, hence why I’ve volunteered to help organise) so we’d need a couple of people to step up and make decisions.

Next week, I’ll be transferring to-do tasks onto a large whiteboard near the entranceway. It would really help if we knew who might be coming with vehicles so we can think who can take stuff to the tip or do any other kind of fetching and carrying.

Cleaning supplies are almost on order.

I will be around on Saturday from around 9am until around 5pm and happy to lead.

The board have agreed on an £100 provisional budget for the day which is to allow those in attendance to get on with buying bits and bobs from screwfix if it become apparent we need something to fix something etc.

Another job we could look at doing is building some sort of large panel storage in the large storage space. A lot of the clutter is because sheets are being leant on sheets. If these were stored upright in a rack of some sort with their edges facing out instead of the flat sides, this might help with space.

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