3D Filament Missing?

Hi All,

Bit of a longshot since I left the hackspace over a year ago but when I left I managed to leave behind some PLA does anyone know if it’s still around?

PLA “FilaPrint Natural Premium PLA 2.85mm” labelled “Ryan Hewson”, “rmlhhd” or "ryan@rmlh.me"?

I’ve just bought a new 3D printer and the included PLA won’t do. I’ve ordered more but delivery ETA is a week and since I may potentially have some was wondering if I could grab it back?

I will rejoin the hackspace at some point



Hey Ryan,

Did you manage to pick it up?

The space has had a few reshuffles in the past year, so if it was explicitly labelled and stored near the 3D printers, it’ll be in a box under the 3D printers named “members filament”.

If it was elsewhere, it could have gone into the box of filament for sale, in which case you’ll need to retrieve it out.


I haven’t managed to get it back yet. I’m not a member of the hackspace at the moment so don’t have access to look myself but that sounds promising.



If you can give an idea of when you’ll be around to collect it someone can let you in if they are in the space.

I’ll be there in about ten minutes for about an hour.

Wednesday is our open evening so pop along then you’ll be more than welcome to collect it then.