3D Filaprint order going in tomorrow

Hi all,

If you’d like anything from 3DFilaprint (shop.3dfilaprint.com) let me know before midday tomorrow please.


If paypal or cash are an option, here’s my order (otherwise I can order it
myself, or add yours to my order or somthing?)

Timberfill Light Wood Tone 2.85MM 3D Printer Filament £38

PLA Purple 3mm £10

EasyCork™ Dark 3D Printer Filament samples By FormFutura £4.38

PolyWood™ 3mm sample £3.76

Easywood™ Olive 2.85mm sample by FormFutura £4.25

WOODFORCE by FiberForce 1.75mm 3D Printer Filament sample £4.56

NinjaFlex Marsala 3mm sample Free

NinjaFlex Caramel 3mm sample Free

Total £64.95 here it is in spreadsheet form if that’s any easier -

Thanks, Chris

I’m happy to order for you. You can only get one free sample per full reel ordered though (and I intend to use mine) so you will need to either get one of the ninjaflexes as a wrap or pick which one you want.



p: 07949 151 100
e: tamarisk@tamarisk.it
t: @notquitehere