3D Printer induction

I’ve recently signed up to the HacMan and just waiting on my DD email to make payment. I have visited before with another member and done some electronics work. anyway…

I’m interested in using the 3D printer and was wondering if i could get an induction some time next week?

Any info on this would be great.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Sure pick a week day evening next week apart from monday(monthly memeber meet) and tuesday (interview). Alternatively can do sunday afternoon/evening as well. You will need to do some software instalation before hand tho andd bring a laptop with you.

Thursday evening work? What time would be good.

I can bring my laptop, let me know what software I need before hand.

Any chance I could get an induction this week?

Thursday evening this week is a meeting. However if we start at 6 we can get most of things out of way before meeting. The software you will need are:

Okay thanks