3D Printer out of action and setup

I was in the hackspace last week and found out the 3D printer moved to a location that meant it didn’t have any networking attached.
I’ve posted it as out of action on the 3d printer group but no one responded to that.
Who are the maintainers for this and can they have a look?

I have:

  • Reconnected the switch near the laser cutter to the hacman network (lights are flashing)
  • Connected the long ethernet cable that was going to the large format printer to the 3D printer

This still didn’t show the printer on the network and no network lights are flashing on the rpi, so either:

  • The card is corrupted and needs to be reflashed
  • The cable is broken and we need a new one (I had no device at the time to check the cable on both ends)

Side note: There doesn’t seem to be any image or configuration stored in VCS/backup anywhere for the RPi, we should probably do that. I’m happy to take an image of the card for now.

I’ve been having network issues with the (2D Xerox) printer recently. I think others have had issues with network stuff recently.

Maybe someone who is knowledgeable in this area could inspect the setup? Could be we have a damaged cable or a faulty switch or a loose connection?

Happy to have a look at the networking infrastructure overall when I’m next in :slight_smile:

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That would be great! Not sure if others have had any issues recently too?

Main question is when I’ll get in for the first time & if a board member wants to be there to make sure I don’t make anything worse :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to give me a shout on Telegram (@marcus6275) when you have an idea of when you’ll be at the space though its unlikely you’ll make anything worse.

I was in the space yesterday and looked at the 3d printer pi again (this time hardwired with a laptop). So long network cable seems fine and I’ve narrowed down the issue to the sd card.

I’ve tried the sd card in kiosk pi and it doesn’t boot up. Looks like it’s time for the long slog of pulling the files off the card and rebuilding it :unamused:



I’ve refreshed the hardware, new pi and card. Installed octoprint and it all seems to boot up fine. Network connection is also fine.

Looks like printer is good to go. I’ll test extrusion now as it’s been a while :grimacing:

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