3D Printer Parts Donation

Hi All,

We had this interesting email from an old old old old member. Might be of interest to the 3D printer people getting this for the space? Then again it might not.

Pre-rant notice: I’ve no problem with us bringing legacy stuff into the space that we intend to use, but we shouldn’t say yes to stuff with no plan for it to ever become anything :cowboy_hat_face:

Anyone got any thoughts? @Team_3d_Printer perhaps?

If the space isn’t interested, are any members?

I used to visit the Hackspace when it was located in the Northern Quarter and then after you moved to Wellington House. This was about a decade ago when 3D printing was a pretty new technology - the meetings were organised by Bob Clough under the banner of the “Manchester 3D Printer User Group”. (3DPUG).

At the time you had a Mendel90 printer - Nophead, the designer used to come along to the meetings too.

Without rambling on any further, I have several bits of hardware going spare and was wondering whether you were interested in taking them off my hands - no charge of course.
As well as a Mendel90 printer (the photograph of mine was actually featured in the “3D Printing for Dummies” book), I have a HUXLEY machine and various hardware spares including a MELZI controller board, a couple of J-Heads, thermistors, extruders and so on. I also have a box or two of electronic/mechanical bits and bobs including some IDC connectors.

I would prefer this stuff to go to somewhere where it would be put to good use rather than have to consider a less eco friendly way of disposal. (Just remembered, I have a quantity of 1.75mm filament which you are also welcome to have).

If you are interested, please let me know - I can deliver to you at a mutually convenient time - prefer weekends or week daytimes

I’m gonna say no as a member of the @Team_3d_Printer as we have enough 3d printers now but @bluetin runs a Mendel90 in the space. Would this be of interest? Could just be spare parts if you need it.

I’ve had a chat with @bluetin and he is happy to take the parts. What do we need to do to arrange it?

i’ve emailed the three of you if you could contact the donor directly.