3D Printing Art around Ancoats - Anyone want to help out?

We’ve received the email below.

Please let me know if you’re interested in helping out and i can put you in touch.

I’m Josh from Malandra Jacks (https://malandrajacks.com)

We have a new project in Ancoats called Getting to know Ancoats. I’ve attached a poster to the email. We are working with MCR City Council and local businesses to connect with locals in Ancoats. This is a community project led by locals and with a lot of heart. Our aim is to bring local people together through this work and provoke conversation. Our plan is to find 3-4 locals through community workshops who would like to share their stories with us and be captured in statue form! Our thought on this so far has been to 360 scan each person and 3D print them. We say this but also don’t have a clue or the recourses to do so! We are open to options.

The statues would need to be big enough to see when hidden amongst Ancoats buildings, streets and nooks. Size wise roughly , 8-12inches and durable enough to stand the MCR weather for at least 3-4 months.

It would be great to have a chat or visit your space to discuss 3D printing or potentially an alternative with a similar result?

I’m happy to help but I couldn’t lead this because I have never done 3D scanning and I don’t have the induction to the printers at hacman yet.

If someone else wants to lead I can lend a hand.