3rd September: low key sewing skill share

Because I can’t make it to Mark’s event on 2nd September for the Blue Cross animal charity, and because I want to develop my skills around sharing sewing skills, I’m organising a sewing skill share on Sunday 03 September 2023, from 2pm to 6pm. It will focus on making the basic flat rat hammocks as in this document the Blue Cross suggested: [https://www.ratropolis.com/Rat%20Tutorials/Tutorials%20for%20Common%20Rat%20Hammocks%20and%20Accessories%20-%20Small%20File%20Size.pdf]
I think it will suit anyone wanting to refresh their skills on the space’s sewing machines. Also, I hope to get some feedback on running skill shares. This is new to me, so I hope to keep it simple, and advice is greatly appreciated.
Feel free to bring your own projects if you would like some advice on them. I’m not an expert on sewing but just talking through things can help find solutions.


id love to be involved!! is this the space to sign up?

Great! i look forward to seeing you on the 3rd