A Grand Exposition (Volunteers required)

Hi All!

Hac:Man are hoping to take part in A Grand Exposition
http://agrandexposition.cornbrookcreative.uk/: A crossover of arts &
science (think slightly arty maker faire).

We need volunteers to either demo the shiny stuff they’ve made, or to help
deliver a basic workshop. Workshop plan is currently to make cheapo
theremins (really simple, takes a few minutes), but we’re open to

Think you can help out any daytime from Thursday 26th to Sunday 29th

Please fill in the doodle poll here so we can decide which days we’ll be


You can indicate what you’re interested in demoing/helping with in the name


Chris Ball

Nice! I’ve signed up for Sat & Sun and will likely bring some LEDs with me.

  • The flourescent light fitting in slackspace, if someone can help me get it there.

What times will this be on? I can’t do ALL day but can certainly help out!