A new way to get into the space - keycode access

You can now get into the space without having to set up a fob

Keypad access

All paid up members, including newly joined members, can now get access to the space by entering a unique code generated by the membership system. Key codes are all 8 digits long and auto generated. Each code is assigned to an account to log access to the space, and codes will automatically stop working when a member leaves.


The keypad is just to the side of the front door.


This contains the Raspberry Pi which runs the system.

How to set up an access code

  • Log in to your account on the membership system: members.hacman.org.uk
  • Go to edit your account and scroll down to Keys and Codes: Edit Your Account
  • All members have two slots for access methods. If you have a spare slot, you will be able to generate a code by clicking the Generate Code button.
    • If you don’t have a spare slot, remove an existing access method to generate a code.

Find your access code

You can find your access code on the top of your account page:

You can also see what access methods you have by clicking the above links:

Using a code

The keypad is vandal resistant and so it’s important to press each key decisively, one key at a time with a small gap between each key press, in order to register a press. It’s unassuming and the keys don’t beep just yet, so you might think it’s not working - but it probably is.

  • You may press the clear button at any time to start again
  • Enter your 8 digit access code.
  • Then press the enter key.
  • If your membership is paid up and in good standing, the door will release.

Access with codes are logged on the membership system. The keypad gives no feedback, so if the door doesn’t unlock, try again being careful to press each key one at a time, check your membership account and check it’s marked as active and you have access to the space.

Keeping codes safe

Don’t write it down with something like “hackspace access code” next to it. Keep the code safe and don’t share it out - the code is unique to your account and you’ll be responsible for access used with the code.

Disposing of a code

If you do lose the code or it gets out, you can dispose of it on the membership system by marking it as lost. It will then be blacklisted and never work again.

Note: codes 12345678, 11111111, etc have already been pro-actively blacklisted - while it’s improbable these codes will be randomly generated it is possible, so they’re already marked as spent.

Actions to do:

  • High importance - audio feedback. We need a little piezo beeper to put behind the keypad to make a noise to indicate that the system is working and key presses are registered
  • Medium Importance - get this running off the 12v UPS. The Pi runs off a USB charger at the moment, so a 12v-5v dc-dc converter will be needed for this.
  • Optional - have a weatherproof LED to inducate statuses, e.g. system running, invalid code etc.
  • Optional - start planning to wind down posting of fobs. Now new members can get in without a fob, we don’t need to post out fobs or arrange times for them to visit when someone else is in.
    • However, as part of this we do need to emphasize the importance of getting a general induction as mentioned recently in the members meeting.
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I think it’d be good to update the number of slots to 3
or have a 3rd slot you can’t directly edit on the website that’s dedicated for use via the keypad.

I have my main rfid key I normally use, but also a backup card I handed off to my parents if they needed to reach me in an emergency or anything like that. So I’d like to avoid removing both keys if the fob reader stopped working for any reason.

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