Access fob newbie

Can someone explain why I’m going round in circles on membership site for access code/fob. I’ve tried to follow the steps and no dice. I tried calling in person to the premises but couldn’t gain access as did not have code in order to collect fob. Could I arrange to meet someone who can assist with this
Many thanks
Kelly Burke

Hi Kelly,

Fobs can be picked up in person from the space. You can come on Wednesday open evenings, there’s usually someone in at least between 18:30 and 21:00, they’ll give you a tour and then you can register a new fob.

If that doesn’t work for you, you can ask on the telegram group if anyone is willing to meet you at another time to let you in, show you around and collect your fob.

The telegram link is on our ‘find us’ page on the website, but here it is below.

Sorry if it’s not all super obvious, we’re trying to tidy up our joining system but it’s on a long to-do list our members are slowly working through.



Hi Joe
Thanks for that
I’ll try for an open evening or call by on off chance.
I think it might have been yourself who showed me round a coupl,e of weeks ago. Are you converting a white Vauxhall box van?
Kelly (Woodtones)

Ah yes!

Rather last minute but I’ve just come to the space for a few hours now if that works for you.

Thanks Joe. Sorry missed your last message. I’ll try this Wednesday around 6-7 pm if anyone about? I’ll keep my eyes out for emails and/or alerts

There will almost certainly be people there (me included) on Weds evening. See you then!

Hi Mike
Thanks will try then