Adafruit Hackerspaces reseller pricing!

Just saw this!

All Hacker Spaces in the world get Adafruit reseller pricing starting
today. What does that mean? All Hacker Spaces around the world can get up to
40% off of our kits and breakout boards, just like our resellers do.

Hackerspaces are community-operated physical places, where people can meet
and work on their projects. Many Hacker Spaces have been using our kits for
workshops, for events and for running their own businesses to fund their
spaces. After seeing how well this is working out for a few Hacker Spaces
we’re expanding it to everyone who runs a Hacker Space.

Here’s how it works.

  1. Pick one person from your Hacker Space to be the representative.
    Have them make an account on

  2. Email include who you are, your Hacker Space
    URL and number of members. Include the email address you used for the
    account on

  3. We will then set you account to “reseller”, email you back and
    you’ll have access to reseller pricing on our kits, up to 40% off, depend on

  4. All we ask is that you make orders over $250 per order, this is so
    we don’t go out of business doing this – so far all Hacker Spaces have been
    above $500 per order since they’re ordering a lot so we’re putting $250 for
    now as the minimum.

  5. That’s it! Hacker Spaces are wonderful places filled with wonderful
    people making things, we’re thrilled many are using our kits and
    documentation for classes!

So, who wants to sign up to be our representative? It seems like a good
offer for all concerned!