AGM Additional Details

Hi All,

The AGM is upon us!

At it, we will (hopefully!) be passing a special resolution to change the
articles of incorporation to one that is specifically designed for
Hackspaces. I’ve attached the proposed articles for people to look over.

Until the AGM this can still be changed, so if you have any suggestions /
bugs / issues please say so here and we can figure out if we need to make
changes before its ratified :slight_smile:

If you want to stand for board membership (doooo it!), please email with your Name, a Photo and short Paragraph about
yourself & what you’d like to do as part of the board. This will be sent
out to all members once the board election opens. Due to vaguries of
expiring terms, there are a massive 4 board positions open this election
round, so there’s a huge chance of getting elected!


articles.pdf (70.6 KB)