Air filter for woodshop

Proposal Type:

Joe Christian

Having used the woodshop for a couple of days in a row, i’ve found my lungs struggling a bit, even just using the saws and router. I’d therefore propose buying another of the air filter units we have in the main room. The filters are designed for professional use for rooms up to 300m3, which is about the size of our wood room.

I would also propose buying a charcoal air filter to be installed onto the air filter in the main room to help it filter out when people have used things that shouldn’t really be used in our space, e.g. solvents.

Proposed Purchase:
Axminster Professional Air Filter - Axminster - £359.98
Axminster carbon and charcoal filter - Axminster - £35.48

Proposed Installation:
The woodroom air filter will be installed from the ceiling in the woodroom during the next hack the space day. It will be hung from the ceiling using wires and sturdy fixings. I’ve allowed a budget of £30 for installation materials

£355.91 (we have 10% off through Menshed) + £30 for installation
Total = £385.91

The air filters are reusable and just need cleaning every few months, but are £36 to replace if needed.

Funding type:
Fully funded by Hackspace

Health & Safety
This air filter will aid H&S but will not surfice as a replacement to proper dust extraction on all machines in the woodroom.

Medium Proposal < £500 - Majority of Board Members and 10 general members

Supporting Board Members:

  1. Joe Christian
  2. Alan Good
  3. Dominique Tink

Supporting Members:

  1. Connor R
  2. Nathan K
  3. Mark
  4. Rob J
  5. Alastair
  6. Mike H
  7. Peter R
  8. Periklis
  9. Richard
  10. Harvey A

Hear hear




Alan has given me his in person board plus 1



+1 board member :grin:

That’s +2 Mark! You’ve already replied

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+1, although something to think about is maybe an extractor fan to the outside to avoid the filter getting clogged up
we do have one mounted on the wall of the cnc room next door, drilling the hole for it was a bit of a pain but in theory we could do the same thing with a pipe running to the wood room

After spending yesterday in woodworking +1


I’m away the next 2 weeks, but will purchase on my return. Unless anyone else wants to receive the delivery at the space for us?

Ordered! Should come in a week or two :slight_smile: