An Update from the Board - Following this month's Board Meeting

Greeting Hackspace Members

The board met tonight for the first time since the Election of Grayson and Ben and had a very productive meeting where a few key decisions were made and because some of these will be implemented prior to the next Member’s meeting we wanted to loop you in on them:

Appointment of Chair & Secretary Mike was appointed chair of the board of directors with Ross reappointed as company secretary

Establishment of the Finance Sub Committee
In keeping with our approach to get members more involved in the running of the Hackspace we agreed to establish a Finance sub Committee made up of 2 board members and 3 long term members of the space (Long term will be members who have been part of the space for a minimum of 2 years). The role of the members in this committee will be to oversee the financial management of the space including acting as signatories for payments. - The Key reason behind this is to (hopefully) reduce the administration burden of changing mandates each year recruitment for this subcommittee will start in the coming weeks but anyone who wishes to express a an interest can do so by contacting the board.

Increase in New Membership Fee
The board agreed to raise the minimum payment for new members starting on the 1st of November. Existing Members will be encouraged to raise their payment to the new level however will not be forced too. The new minimum payment will be £12.50 (up from £10) and as part of that the Fob Fee will be waived (charges will still apply for replacement fobs)

Inductions & Training

A new policy on inductions and training will be introduced. Trainers for existing tools and areas will be invited to a session to go through the new policy. Dates TBC


Board agreed to spend money on business cards for open evenings, new PPE and Fire Extinguishers and White Paint

Drink (Glass Fronted) Fridges are not to be used to store members food items in. The White fridge will be plugged in and this is can be used for members. All food must be labelled. Any food past its use by date will be binned.

Wood Lathe
Risk assessment still requires sign off from the board, the board are seeking external advice prior to approving the Risk Assessment. This tool should NOT BE used until such time as the RA is approved and the necessary training and induction is in place.