Announcing Leeds Hack Space HackDay! 10th October 2009

Hi all,

just got this from the Geekup list (although I’ve also seen it on another
couple of lists) and, I know some of you were looking at attending the
Hacknorth event, so might be interested in this.

All the best,
Jon ““The Nice Guy”” Spriggs LPIC-1 Certified
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From: “Jonathan Powell”
Date: Sep 26, 2009 9:44 AM
Subject: [GeekUp] Announcing Leeds Hack Space HackDay! 10th October 2009
To: “GeekUp”

Hi, everyone! I believe some of you will be interested in this.

For the past few months the Leeds Hack Space group has held regular
meet-ups, run fund raising events, incorporated as a non-profit
business and done a great amount of work trying to find a suitable
space. We’re making steady progress, but we want to do MORE! So we’re
putting on a day-long hack space event at Old Broadcasting House on
Saturday 10th October.

I know it clashes with PHPNW and it’s only 2 weeks notice but check
out what we’ve got in store for attendees:

Junk Heap Challenge - Bring in your old electronics, toys and hardware
for everyone to mess about with. We’ll be setting a Scrapheap-style
challenge for teams to create a mad contraption out of your old kit
over the course of the event. This contest is open to anyone – we’ll
be organising teams on the day.

Micro-controller Workshop - We’ll dedicate a room to the hardware
hackers amongst you. There’ll be everything you need to play about
with embedded devices such as the Arduino.

OpenLeeds Code-athon - To give the ambitious and excellent OpenLeeds
( project a kick start we’ll be hosting a day
of collaboration for anyone to chip in with their skills. We’re
looking for coders, designers and anyone with an interest to help
construct a truly open resource for Leeds’ historical and geographical

Lightning Talks - If you think you can talk for 10 minutes on a
subject you want everyone to know about then you’re more than welcome
to take part! We’ll be providing space and a captive audience to give
you the chance to shout about awesome and interesting things. We’ll be
organising the talks for the morning, ‘unconference’ style so just
turn up prepared.

Attendance is free (we’ll be hoping for a few donations on the day to
cover the small costs), lunch is provided and there’s about 45 tickets
up for grabs:


  • JP