Anyone in the space before xmas?

Hi, I’m in Manchester for a few days to visit family. Unfortunately my Nexus 5X is bricked and I need a heatgun to fix it (I’ve done it before, it works.)

Is anyone going to be in the space any time over the next few days before xmas? If so, could you take me with you? I only need to be there for about 15-20 minutes, that’s how long the fix takes.

There are often people in the space. If you join our Telegram group you can likely find someone who will be able to coordinate with you to get you access to a hot air tool. There’s a link on our website to the telegram group.

My phone is bricked so I can’t use Telegram, and I’m having trouble getting it to work on my Debian system. :frowning: Could someone forward my message there? I’m on your IRC channel on freenode for replies.

You might be the only one on there! It’s deprecated. I’ll link to your message in the telegram channel.

Sorry to hear that. I use Telegram’s web client on Debian, but in Chrome, so you might get that going. Unfortunately I’m not going to be in the space today/tomorrow, but can do Saturday afternoon for a bit if noone else can help you.

How much notice do you need? I may well be in later (around 7/8pm) to pick some stuff up.

I could do later today yes - please let me know about an hour in advance as that’s how long it’ll take me to get there. Thanks!

Sure I’ll be in at 8

Great see you there! I’ll be in a dark green coat with a black rucksack.