Arbor press (pre-purchase proposal)

I would like to be able to mark some common tools with a custom hackspace stamp for basic theft protection and also to make it so non-malicious members don’t accidentally mix them with their own tools

In order to do that it would be best to have a good arbor press to get a consistent result. This isn’t essential to the process because you can use a hammer or something else.

However, in general it seems like a potentially useful tool for various areas, not just security tagging.

It wouldn’t go in woodwork so it’s not my department and I wouldn’t feel comfortable making a proposal without having a subgroup happy to adopt it (metalwork or VA, realistically).


I’ll make a separate post about security tagging, so please discuss the arbor press on its own merits in this thread.

(cc @Josephxtian @mikeh @klkl @Harvinder_Atwal)

If it can have bits purchased for it for stamping rivets, leather punching, etc. It would have my full support for VA. If it does not have those things, it does not have my own personal support

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Obviously needs research, but that would be the hope.

Also I have a ton of stuff to do. This is a suggestion and I probably will research, but if anyone likes this idea feel free to take charge and make a proper proposal because it could take me a while

A decent arbor press is very useful for metal, too (pressing in bearings, etc.)

I’d support it, but what specifically is being stamped and by what, in the case of asset tags? Are we talking little aluminium name plates?

I would envision stamping directly into things such as clamps/handles of tools etc, but like I say that’s another discussion. It seemed like an arbour press would be useful in its own right.

Made a new thread about security marking

Security marking - The Hackspace / Infastructure - Forum | Hackspace Manchester (

+1 from me

Yep definitely useful for marking tools and tons of other uses. +1