Arcade games - getting rid!

Hi All,

Another post about decluttering. There have been a few arcarde style games that have been sat in the middle of the space not doing much for at least the last year. With the hack-the-space day coming up soon, we’re looking at how we can tidy the space up and declutter.

There is the following:

  • Table football - reported to be poor quality
  • Air hockey table - needs completely rewiring
  • Table tennis - low quality mdf
  • Etch-a-sketch - potentially doesn’t work anymore? @Bob_Clough @Ben_Dooks

Unless there is a very well reasoned objection involving imminent action, we’ll be looking to sell these on around the time of the hack-the-space weekend.

If you’re interested in buying it then please do get in touch either via the forum, or directly with the board -



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I think the one thing I’d just double check on is the Etch-a-sketch maybe with Bob / Ben
I have vauge memories of it being taken to events and being rented out, although that was a long time back when Tas was still a member and organising events.

Hey all,

Not heard anything more from anyone on these, so I’ll go forward with trying to flog them on facebook marketplace.