arcspace manchester - free software and computer recycling sessions - needs some support....

I got this today on the NW-Hackspace Mailing List, I may well volunteer, but
given the amount of projects I thought I’d let other people have a go first

All the best,

Jon ““The Nice Guy”” Spriggs LPIC-1 Certified
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From: “victoria sinclair”
Date: Sep 4, 2009 9:52 AM
Subject: arcspace manchester - free software and computer recycling sessions

Hi there

arcspace manchester in hulme is starting a computer recycling project with
intro to ubuntu and free software. All working on peer to peer, informal
learning models.

Our problem at the moment is that we need at least one more tutor to help
our volunteers and to be tutors to get the sufficient training to get the
project up and running. Te volunteers and soon to be workers are keen to
learn, and we now have the funding to deliver training. We have some
support and sessions coming in, but there are some gaps and i really don’t
want these guys to feel alone or unsupported.

Do any of you know anyone who can help? Can you spare a few hours probably
on 2 occasions, to deliver, plus one meeting with me/other member of
arcspace, and then maybe one tek support signposting session?

There is great scope to get things up and running - and lots of community
members who want to get involved. The main problem is that most
programmers, afionados, geeks, whatever have 9 to 5s and little
availability. This is why if we split up the hours and sessions it means
not too much time for anyone. As i mentioned, the work is paid, but
initial meetings and mini planning would not be as all people working with
arcspace do a prelim ‘volunteer’ stint to show support of the
collective/co-op and then move to a paid role. We keep it the same for
everyone and that way it helps transparency and designation of pay.

More info about us is on

and please do get in touch if you can help us out - we also want to make
contact with you guys and i did send some earlier posts but they didn’t get
posted - about other stuff…

best wishes


Victoria Sinclair (Project Manager Generate Project)

Victoria Sinclair (Project Manager Generate Project)