...are you a Redditor? Try r/bikeshed

Are you a Redditor? I’ve created a new subreddit called r/bikeshed for
the UK Hackspace scene. You might have seen r/hackerspaces which is
for international news about Hackerspaces. I’ve got tired of all the
stuff I submit there going into the spam filter then having to pester
the MOD to make the links appear, besides they are doing it wrong.

So I’ve started r/bikeshed


Please do come and subscribe to this subreddit, post links etc. We’ll
be adding flair and some nice logos and title bars and stuff. I’ll be
putting links to Hackspaces in the side bar too. Please tell you
Redditor friends about it too. Lets make a great subreddit. If you’d
like to be considered as a MOD please do message me on Reddit.

ChickenGrylls (aka Dominic Morrow)

p.s. If you’re not a Redditor try reddit.com it’s really rather ok or
simply bookmark r/bikeshed