Assemble: Derby’s Festival of Making

Makers Assemble!

On Saturday 23rd October, Derby Museums launches ‘Assemble: Derby’s Festival of Making’ at the Museum of Making. Our call out for makers is now live, so if you’re a tinkerer or hobbyist, inventor or engineer, student or veteran and have a project you’d like to like to show we’d love to hear from you!

Full information and how to apply is attached, for any more information please contact

If we would like to attend please let me know as Outreach has been sent the form to apply!

Can also DM you too btw if you want to go solo :+1:

I am happy to go still have a big project (trebuchet) for EMF that didn’t get used and depending on transport and their acceptance I’m more than happy to to represent at this event.

Edit: it’s built too flat pack and fit into a van

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That sounds awesome!

I don’t think it matters that this is public, so here you go