bandsaw - new to the space

hey, Im new to hackspace and was wondering what the situation is with inductions to the metal bandsaw, it doesnt specify on the inductions page that an induction is needed.

Hi Scott,

Long story short, there is no induction/training programme on that saw currently. I’m more than happy to help you out though.

  1. Have you used one before?
  2. What are you planning to cut?



Hi Mike,
I’ve used vertical metal bandsaws but never this model, i have experience using most of the other tools at hackspace.
Im planning to cut some mitres in 4mm brass round bar to form a frame for a table im working on.
Any help would be brilliant, thanks for taking the time to respond.

That should be absolutely fine, Scott. Are you a member? Can you come in this Tuesday evening?

Hi Mike, That sounds great i can be there any time from 5.30 onwards. let me know whats best for you.

Cool. I’ll be there from about 8 so just come and grab me or ask for me :slight_smile: