BarCamp Nottingham at Nottingham Hackspace

Hello Fellow Hackers

I’m not sure if you’ve heard already but the Nottingham Hackspace are
hosting their first major sponsored event on the weekend of 23rd &
24th July. Starting at 10am and finishing at 4pm on the following day
there will be 30 hours (that’s right through the night) or BarCamp.

You can find out more about BarCamp at the BarCamp Nottingham website

There are only 32 ticket places left now so please do register

This BarCamp is going to have a very Hackerspace flavour as very many
of the places have been grabbed by hackers from around the UK as well
as BarCamp regulars and newcomers alike.

The event runs over night and BarCamp regulars know to bring a
sleeping bag (and I’m told even camp beds). All the food and drinks
(including alcoholic ones) is paid for (i,e, free). All you need to do
is present a talk you’ve not presented anywhere else and expect to
deliver it though I believe it’s not obligatory.

If you are planning on coming to an event at the Nottingham Hackspace
then this is going to be the biggest thing we’ve done so far. Hope to
see you there!

Nottingham Hackspace