Barcamp Nottingham in Notthack's Building

Hi All,

Just spotted that the Nottingham Barcamp (a free two-day “unconference”
event) is being held at the Nottingham Hackspace. Ever wondered what they’re
doing, want to have a nosey and didn’t have an excuse until now? Well,
here’s your chance!’s on the 23rd and 24th July, and is an
“Overnighter” which means if you want to stay the night at the venue, you

It’s an opportunity to talk about stuff which you’re passionate about, and
see talks by other people who are passionate about stuff. It might be web
focused, but equally, I’ve seen talks about British Sign Language, Dating
for Geeks and been involved in a round-table about privacy and government
policy… all very interesting stuff!

Confused what an unconference is? It’s an event where the timetable isn’t
published in advance… in fact, on the day, there’s a large sheet of paper
and a stack of post-it notes :slight_smile: If you want to talk (and in fact, are
positively encouraged to do so), you take one of the post-its, write the
name of your talk on there, and put it in a time slot. Want more time than
one slot will give you… take up two slots, hell, if you can justify it to
yourself, take a whole morning! People look at the board and if they like
the sound of your talk, turn up. All good fun and in fact, we’ve hosted a
couple of events just like this at MadLab (under the UCubed banner).

I plan to be there, although probably not overnight at the venue (young
child and sleep deprivation notwithstanding), and it’d be great to see some
of you there!
Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs