Board Election time!

Reminder: Nominations are open!

All paid up members of the space with accounts in good standing can email with the full name of the person they’d like to nominate.

Check your email for the full email from Kimball.

Members of hacman: we all have a role to play in this community whether you’ve just joined or you’ve been here years.

Is there someone awesome you think would be good at running on the board?
If so, email their full name to to nominate them, they’ll then get asked if they’d like to run.

The closing date for nominations is tomorrow. I am informed we have a good list of names but we want as much engagement as possible! So don’t miss out :slightly_smiling_face:

Everyone who has been nominated has been emailed by Kimball.

To those who accept the nomination: Good luck, it’s a great opportunity!

So when does voting happen?

Feels like a long time since this was posted.


That’s a bit peculiar. I didn’t get… ignore me it appears to have completely passed me by in my inbox.

Never mind.

Thanks :slight_smile: