Board games events

I have a lot of board games I’m wanting people to play with (I moved to Manchester in October and haven’t got a new board game group yet). I saw there were some board games at the space, who’s in charge of that?

My collection is here if you’re interested in playing anything: peterdroberts | User Collection | BoardGameGeek

I was thinking it would be nice to have a board games event on the Jubilee weekend and if it goes well maybe something more regular. What do people think?

EDIT: Google form here


Hey, first welcome to the space

If you’ve had chance to visit you’ll see the area we only recently cleared for the games area. We hope to expand this to include an air hockey table (currently needs repairs) and maybe some game consoles.

Currently nobody is in charge of games, and post Covid we’ve yet to have any form of reoccurring game days / evenings.

Our current Covid level (L2) allows us to have events at the space, so if you’d like to organise a game event feel free. Posting on here and in telegram is you’re best bet.

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Thanks! I’ve made a google form to gather information

Didn’t get many responses to this, but looks like the evening of Friday 3rd June would be best. I’ll start planning today

(Cancelling the Friday 3rd June idea, but planning on going ahead with this another week.)

Looks like we’ve settled on Wednesdays at 7:30PM. Join the game night group for more information.