Board Meeting Minutes - October 2023

A board meeting was held 23rd October 2023.

Actions from meeting:

  • Manchester Makers Ltd. will open a Natwest Account when the new board members are elected.
  • Joe Christian and Jason France are being added to an old CoOp Bank Account.
  • It has been resolved Frank Hall is vacant from his role in accordance with clause 20.1.6 of the Articles of Association and it was voted he is to be removed from his role with immediate effect.
  • The Board confirmed there will be five positions on the Board as outlined in the Suggested Board Roles Document published on 22nd August 2023 on the forum. Joe Christian will remain in seat, meaning there will be four positions to be filled when the results of the elections are announced on 26th October 2023.

Full meeting minutes can be found here:


Sorry to hear of the bank woes, that sounds like a nightmare. Is the space able to meet its commitments in terms of monthly bills for rent, electricity, server, etc?

We’re hopeful the coop account will be sorted soon, and Gocardless are already paying into it. Bob has kindly agreed to make up the rent and bills until we’re all sorted though.

The thankful fact is that we’re ‘good for the money’, just can’t access it.

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It’s come to our attention that the original Elections document stated the four vacant seats & retiring board member Ellan’s seat would be available. The Board will honour this statement published at the start of the elections period.

Therefore five seats will be elected at the end of today, with results being announced tomorrow. Once announced this will mean the board comprises six members in total.

The minutes will be updated. Apologies for the confusion, the board have little involvement in the elections process.

Reminder today is the last day to vote.