Board Update - Following this month's board meeting

Update from the Board following this month’s Board Meeting

Note: Minutes will be available on Github by Friday 21st August

Today the board held a board meeting virtually and we wanted to give you an update on some of the key outcomes of that meeting

Finance Update

Financially the space is secure with a current bank balance of £12,150

Work is still on going to provide a full financial update for members. (This has been assigned to 2 Board members now)

Progress is slow but being made on the amendments required for the Bank mandate

Board focus is to get the Finance Sub-committee operational as a priority.

New Equipment Fund

The board agreed to progress with the new equipment fund that we commited to during lockdown. Further details will be posted seperatly on this and how to get involved.

Electrical Box in Slackspace

This cannot be removed so agreed plan of action is to box it off and ensure appropriate signage by doing this we can start with building out of Slackspace


The Board has started a Governance review of the space with the overall aim of improving the processes of how we operate as a board and how we can be more open with members going forward. This started tonight with a Governance audit which will continue into the next few days, we will then consult with members on changes and take onboard any feedback, changes or additions that the wider membership wishes to see as part of this.

Once the review has been completed we will look to holding an Annual General Meeting of the Membership to approve any changes to the constitution and to start the election process.

Dumping of Stuff in the space

the Board has discussed the use of the space as what appears to be a storage unit by members and will shortly be taking action by contacting any member who is in breach of the storage rules for large projects and by issuing a formal notice of any items not stored properly by November will be disposed of.

New Member Inductions

The board discussed the fact that if your new to the space it can be quite daunting to understand whats expected of you as a member and what you need to do to get a fob or inducted on equipment. The board agreed to introduce a mandatory new member induction which needs to be complete prior to full 24/7 access to the space being given.