Boardgame day

Hello everyone

as i like playing board games and having multiple games i was wondering if anyone wanna join. So Im inviting 3 people in total to play board game in my house in Sale. Now the reason i say 3 is because we will be 4 so we can play most of the games otherwise few of us will be out of game so its not fun…

Its for 10th of April 2022 at around 1 pm.

I have:

-Terraforming Mars
-Pandemic and few other small games.

List of players joining:


My home post code M33 2SB

Thanks Ygt for setting this up! And I love Spender, haha, I can’t believe you know this game!

I’m also interested in board games and am planning on setting up an event at the hackspace over the long weekend if you’re interested in getting involved. I made a new thread for it… Board games events