Bog Door Latch Sensor

Hello People,

Kat from girl geeks asked to make a bog door latch sensor so that
people could tell when one of the toilets was in use. A simple IR LED
detection circuit with some LEDS on the output is all that I think is
needed. I have breadboarded and tested the circuit and it
works…for once!!! Anyway I have laid out a small PCB in eagle. I
think we are hoping it will fit in the door cavity…not sure but it
is as small as I can make it. Have a look and see what you think.
The circuit is very simple and a complete hack…no science went into
it. The IR sensor and receiver were taken out of an old computer
mouse. They seem to work ok. The resistor values are all 120 ohms as
the circuit only needs to current limit LEDS.



Bog Door Latch (69.6 KB)