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I'm doing a bit of spring cleaning and decided it's time to get rid of a bunch of books and DVD's that I rarely ever touch, they just sit there gathering dust, so it's time to move on.

The following selections are what I'm getting rid of, the quality ranges from unopened to weather worn, but all still serviceable (No covers / cases missing).

Since I'm without a car the easiest would probably be for me to drop the items off at the space when people are ready to collect them.

Non Fiction

Title Author Claimed
Complete Czech Teach Yourself
Computational Intelligence (Second Edition) Engelbrecht
Effective C++ (Third Edition) Meyers


Title Author Claimed
2001 A Space Odyssey Arthur C. Clarke
2010 Odyssey Two Arthur C. Clarke
2061 Odyssey Three Arthur C. Clarke
Carrie Stephen King
Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep Philip K. Dick
Dresden Files Vol 2. Storm Front Jim Butcher
Dresden Files Vol 3. Fool Moon Jim Butcher
Farenheight 451 Ray Bradbury
Foundation Isaac Asmiov
Full Dark. No Stars Stephen King
Misery Stephen King
Salem's Lot Stephen King
The Black Magician Vol 1. The Magicians Guild Trudi Canavan
The Chronicals of Narnia C. S. Lewis
The Dark Tower Vol 2. The Drawing of the Three Stephen King
The Dark Tower Vol 3. The Waste Lands Stephen King
The Dark Tower Vol 4. Wizard and Glass Stephen King
The Dark Tower Vol 5. Wolves of the Calla Stephen King
The Dark Tower Vol 6. Song of Susannah Stephen King
The Dark Tower Vol 7. The Dark Tower Stephen King
The Dead Zone Stephen King
The Shining Stephen King Cone
The Talisman Stephen King
The Zombie Survival Guide Max Brooks


Title Volumes Claimed
+Anima Vol 1-6
Bleach Vol 1-12
Flame of Recca Vol 1-13
Full Metal Alchemist Vol 1-6
Pumpkin Scissors Vol 1-4


Title Season Claimed
A Town Called Eureka Seasons 1-3
Flight of the Conchords Seasons 1-2
Pushing Dasies Season 1
South Park Season 7
The IT Crowd Seasons 1-4


Title Claimed
Gremlins 1-2
How to Train Your Dragon
Iron Man
King Kong
Man of Steel
Now You See Me
Residen Evil 1-3
Star Trek (2009)
Stir of Echos
Team America World Police
The Abyss
The Expendables
The Interpreter
The Shining
The Simpsons Movie
The Thing (1982)
The X Files: I Want to Believe


Title Comedian Claimed
Dandelion Mind Bill Bailey
Headspace Cowboy Ross Noble
Nonsensory Overload Ross Noble
Remarkable Guide to the Orchestra Bill Bailey
Tinselwork Bill Bailey
What it is Dylan Moran

3DS Games

Title Claimed
Monster Hunter World Ultimate
Pokemon Omega Ruby
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The Shining book would be awesome :smiley: nothing I have can play DVDs unfortunately :sweat_smile: