Broadstone Mill

Just so you’re all up-to-speed with what the current prices are at.

Jon “The Nice Guy” Spriggs LPIC-1 Certified---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: John Buttle
Date: 2009/8/19
Subject: RE: Broadstone Mill
To: Jon Spriggs

Hi Jon

A note to confirm what was said yesterday. The rooms are £304.58 and
£251.25. We expect the boilers to be removed within about 6 weeks and then
at that stage we could discuss the instillation of electrics and work

John Buttle

Workspace Centres Ltd

Houldsworth Mill Business & Arts Centre

Houldsworth Street




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From: Jon Spriggs []
Sent: 13 August 2009 14:15
To: John Buttle
Subject: Broadstone Mill

Dear John,

I have been given your name as being someone I might be able to get a quote
from for the lease of a space at Broadstone Mill, as I’m representing the
Stockport Hackspace Group. We’re an arts, science and technology club,
intending to form a workspace in which we will create projects and develop
communal skills. I was put in touch, initially, with Andy Green, who showed
me various areas around the Mill including an area that our group have shown
particular interest in, that is the Store Room on the third floor.

We plan on cleaning up the space, including (with permission) removing the
unused heating equipment in the room, levelling out the uneven floor and
unblocking the windows. Once we have cleaned up the room, we intend to put
up work benches around the edges of the room, which will require some
additional power sockets. I suspect we may require assistance from the Mill
to add those power sockets and possibly some help fixing the windows once we
unblock them.

If it’s not you who would provide us with a quote for the space, please can
you forward my query to someone who can, and copy me on that forward?

Many thanks,

Jon Spriggs