Build Brighton MakerCamp - 8th & 9th September

Hi hackspacers!

As you maybe (hopefully) already know, the Brighton Mini Maker Faire is
taking place on Saturday 8th September.

Last year, there ended up being a few other unofficial hackspace events
going on around the maker faire, which mostly involved visiting makers
crashing at the hackspace and then being roped into helping us move the
next day.

This year we’ve made things a bit more official and organised, so if anyone
fancies coming down to check out the maker faire there’ll be other stuff
happening across the weekend in the form of the Build Brighton MakerCamp.

Saturday 8th September is the Brighton Mini Maker Faire itself, at the
Brighton Dome from 10am to 5pm. Entry = £Free. More info here:

Then on the Saturday evening is the Brighton Mini Maker Faire after party,
with maker-musicians, interactive exhibits, visuals, and booze. Also taking
place in the Brighton Dome, 8pm to midnight. Entry = £4 advance. More info

Sunday 9th September is our Open Hackspace Day. We’ll either be hanging out
at the hackspace (if the weather is rubbish) or going to the park for a BBQ
(if the weather is good).

We’ve got space available at the hackspace or at members’ houses if anyone
wants to stay over on the Friday or Saturday night. Drop us an email at if you want to reserve a space.


Emma O’Sullivan
07810 442044
Twitter: @ejosully