Building a ghostbusters costume

Hi hi hi!

New member, hoping to use the resources at the hackerspace to build 2 ghostbusters costumes (among other things). |

In an ideal world, that would include one Venkman era belt gizmo, proton pack/neutrino wand (with blinky lights) and one Holtzmann era upper arm gizmo (with LED screen and blinky lights), proton pack/neutrino wand (with blinky lights), twin retractor guns and Screw U necklace.

Unfortunately, I have never done anything quite like this before. I expect that I will need to use the 3D printer for the Screw U necklace (I found a 3D printer file), a soldering iron to make the various blinky lights and screens, and random tools to shape/afix the bits.

Has anyone build a ghostbusters costume or similar sci-fi cosplay outfit? I would love some advice on how to proceed, recommended components to buy from maplin (battery packs, led strips, etc.)

Even if no one has direct experience, is there someone who wants to show a n00b how to use the 3D printer and/or soldering iron?

If worst comes to worst, I can duct tape the hell out of some cardboard and plastic bottles and use glow sticks to get non-blinky lights, but I would still need the 3D printed necklace.

Any help or advice greatly appreciated!

I built a Ghostbusters costume once. Myself and my three student housemates made one each. It was more “suggestive of” rather than “screen accurate!”, and kinda thrown together over a couple of days. It still had blinky lights and stuff though. Plus I made a pair of Ray Stantz-like goggles.

I’m not at home, so I can’t post photos at the mo.

Basically, the backpack was made from bits bought from pound shops, and junk I had lying around. There were tubes and bits from an old supersoaker, an old soundcard, an old speaker, some tupperware, a flashing amber warning light, and I can’t even remember what else. It was all fixed to a plastic draining board rack and painted black, and then tape and dymo labels and stuff added.

I’ll have to find the photos.

I’ve not seen the new film yet, but looking at pictures of the necklace you talk about, I think it would be better to laser cut the pieces from wood, and then drill them and stick a real screw through. Some of the other hackspacers are more enthusiastic about 3D printing, so they might disagree, but I think the resolution might be a bit coarse to 3D print the screw, and the original is clearly not made that way…


I think with the time frame and my other responsibilities, it will be a
bit of a thrown together, suggestive of costume too. No worries that’s
cool to.
I would love to see the photos of yours for inspo!

I also thought about laser cutting the U and just sticking a screw through
a hoop. Off to the hardware store I suppose