Campus Party callin all Hackers, Makers, IoT addicts, Girls/Women in Tech!

Campus Party,
is the greatest technological experience in the world which brings
together young geeks aspiring entrepreneurship in a festival of innovation,
creativity, science, digital entertainment startups.

4th European edition will to be held

25th to 29th May 2016


Jaarberus, Utrecht, Netherlands…

Yes, 21 days to big event, where you can find:

  • Drone zone (1st European championship indoor Drone racing)
  • Robots (also some competition, like Robot’s soccer match)
  • any kind of IoT (if I wrote ANY, it is ANY :))
  • Girls / Women in Tech Day
    - Hackatons
  • Gaming arena
  • Workshops
    and more and more over 24h per day…

At Main Stage: Nobel prize winner, a cyber war expert, open source
legend, etc…

5000+ Campuseros (participants)
10 000+ Visitors
300+ Sessions
250+ Start-ups
40+ Universities (eg UCL also)

50+ Comunities


Drone Zone / Robot Space / VR / Simulators
Live Quarter (Campus Experience)
Campus Village (tents for sleeping - who need sleep on event like this? -,
please bring your own sleeping bag)

more info:


Campuseros (participants) ticket,
included free entrance for all areas and solo tent at Campus Village
for whole days/nights cost normally
165 EUR,
but you can get it for FREE.

this year ticket NOT INCLUDE travel to host city,
but tickets to Amsterdam from London starting at 10 GBP one way,
with low-cost bus companies
return ticket for train Amsterdam - Utrecht
should be less then 10 GBP too.

If you prefer air travel, you are still able to manage tickets under 100
quids for return.
Train (Abellio Greater Anglia) + Boat (Stena Lines) is around 40 quids, one

I am Head of CZcampuseros,
Czech local community of Campus Party participants.
We was 3rd biggest group at Berlin (2012) and also at London (2013), where
attend 10k participants at all,
and we manage Czech and Slovak participants also for Utrecht event this
From this position I have opportunity to offer free tickets, not only for
our participants.

I am also member of London HackSpace,
and mean, as can’t find better space, as Hackspaces, Makerspaces,
to find relevant people, who can be involved to participate on event like

If you are interested, please contact me on stefan [at] campuseros
[dot] eu
I will provide you “discount” code, to get FREE tickets.

If we are able to manage some kind of group of people from UK Hacker and
Maker spaces, we can also manage designated area at Campus Village (tents)
and Live Quarter / Arena, and it is also possible manage some kind of
presentation of each HackSpace/MakerSpace, but biggest opportunity is
networking with people from around the World (we expect this year big party
of Brasil participants and as obvious, Spanish people are really funny and
open to networking 24h per day :]]]

People behind Campus Party Europe 2016 in Netherland are running Pernament
Future Lab
which is simply similar to HackSpace enviroment.
You can be sure, as they bring all their (not only) local NL contacts to

[YT videos from Berlin 2012 event]:

First day:
Second day:
Third day:
Fourth day:

Worldwide community are more then 400 000 Campuseros.
First Campus Party event was at 1997 and accomodate less then 200 Spanish
gaming addict (all start as big LAN party)

Worldwide already happened more then 50 editions, and annual editions
regularly are held at Mexico, Recife, Costa Rica, Sao Paulo, Ecuador,
Argentina, El Salvador.
Brasil awaiting their 10th edition at 2017 and want celebrate it with
double attend of people (20k Campuseros)

Campus Party Europe is special edition, but should be also on regular
yearly basis at future.