Cashless Payments

Following recent discussions on Cashless payments within the space time has been spent recently building a new cashless payment kiosk. This can currently be accessed on the registration PC or via

The move towards cashless is to help us better manage space finances, keep track of stock and what sells (we will track sales at a product level not a user level eg we will know that we sold 40 mars bars in a week but not who bought them) which will inform purchasing decisions for snackspace, material etc in the future as well as reduce the need for members to remember to bring cash with them to the space.

The system integrates with the members system where your balance can be managed, topped up etc including via direct debit and you will be allowed to fall into a negative balance up to -£25 anything over this the system will prevent you from making further purchases until you top up.

It is proposed that this will become the sole way of managing payments in the space, replacing whiteboards, donation jars etc but this will come in due course once we are happy with the system is reliable.

The system requires you to login using your rfid tag simply tap it onto the fob reader on that pc and press the login button (you can manually enter it if you know yours (its shown on the members system)

If you want to demo it without using your rfid you can enter testfobs

The system supports barcode scanning of snackspace items and the browsing based on categories and this can be done currently from the registration desk PC in the space.

We are investigating ways of being able to introduce this into each of the areas that would require it in a more user friendly way than just one space PC

To top up your member balance visit the manage your balance page on the members system at

Below are screenshots of the system with some explanations and we would appreciate any feedback on how it can be improved (though lets try to keep it on topic of improvements/bugs/etc and the bike shedding to the minimum) Please note this is the first version and is still in the testing stage so issues will likely arise.

This looks great. Nice work!

Will there be a cash drop box nearby snackspace? Quite a few people (myself included) occasionally drop off cash and while having multiple pots of cash around the space isn’t good, I do think we need one, secure, drop box which can be used to top up your account.

I’ll be happy to help with any JS or CSS bits on this to make it touch screen ready and responsive :slight_smile:

Where’s the code for this?

Thought: do we want this to be accessible from outside the space? I guess the worst someone could do is run up a debt or mess with people’s accounts. Given the fob IDs are 0-9A-F and about 8 characters long it would be nice to require your password when logging in from outside the space.

Yeah we won’t remove cash completely from the space just the whole having multiple cash pots around the space. Likely something that you deposit the cash into scan your fob, enter the amount and it links that to your account.

I pushed the code to github last night so it should be on there somewhere

I thought I wrote this in the original post I did mean to but yeah ATM it’s accessible via the kiosk URL but I was planning on locking it down to only be accessible from the space IP having username password login for external access is a possibility though. But yeah RFID isnt the most secure authentication in the world