Centrifuge for the Lab

Ok so there were some issues raised recently regards the use of the milling machine for lab use
In terms of a centrifuge
Putting asside the water in the container (there was only a few drops but still)

3D Printed Centrifuge

What I’d suggest if a centrifuge is needed for the lab is the following

The only thing you’d be short of is a 12V Motor and a PSU
we have a very large collection of server psu’s that should provide 12V

Safety Issues with the use of the Mill

There were some important points raised by one of the members in the metal group

Unless what you’re spinning is accurately balanced, then there are going to be all sorts or sideways torsional
and more importantly vibrational forces, on the mill axis, axle and bearings which it isn’t designed for,
it’s not a Colchester or Bridgeport with parts over engineered a 1000 or more times.
It’s a precision piece of kit that was purchased at significant cost, so I’m led to believe,
and repeated misuse will destroy the accuracy, and make it nothing better than a fancy drill press.

There should be critical feed rates, depth of cut, etc, provisions for flycutters and offset loads,
but you’d be talking minimal, and slow rotational speeds in those cases to reduce resonance on the axis and motor.
Continuous high speed vibrational forces, think resonance, and no drawbar fitted,
through the axis, or a small spindle for the tube holder, likely to snap under shear forces, and it’s a recipe for disaster.

That piece of thin metal plate is going to be no better than a piece of paper if the tube holder is metal
and comes off at speed, plastic and you might be ok, it’ll be like a ping pong ball off a badminton racket,
if metal, I’d fancy better chances with a key in a lathe chuck…


Let’s set one of the 3D printers running, would be a fun project, and might help to involve those with an engineering discipline, and electronics, as well as lab folk :blush:

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I think I’m reading this right but the mill was used as a centrifuge?

Maybe we need a reminder - hack your projects, not the tools :relaxed:

The 3D printed option looks cool :+1:

Yes this happened unfortunately. There was a rather heated discussion about it on the metal group.

I plan on putting up some signs to say that the precision equipment should only be used for it’s intended purpose.