Change of covid operational level

Due to increasing rates across Manchester the board have agreed that from 00:00 on 22nd December 2021 the space will move to operating at covid alert level 3. This means the following will be in place

Level 3 Restrictions include

Social Distancing Measures in Place
Face Mask Required (usual exemptions apply)
Area Number Restrictions
No Guests Allowed

Area Restrictions
Woody Dusty - 3 People
Metalworking - 3 People
General Working Area - 6 people
Visual Arts - 4 People
Electronics - 1 Person

Use Hand Sanitizer before entering the main part of the space (available in the foyer)

Wipe down all parts of equipment you come into contact with prior and after using

Do not visit the space if you are showing any COVID-19 symptoms or have a positive test

Inform the board if you (or anyone in your household) develops symptoms within 3 days of being in the space

No guests permitted

No more than 1 non household member within the same 2m area at any time

Please also help keep others safe by taking a lateral flow test prior to visiting the space and when in the space please ensure that the air filter is running at all times.

As always inductions can go ahead if a trainer is willing to do it but please keep in mind area restrictions, social distancing and masks should be worn.

Just an update as it’s been raised in the Telegram chat:

  • Open Evenings are on again
  • Guests are permitted
  • Masks still required
  • Social distancing relaxed

The announcement:

Changes to covid level:
From Wednesday 23 February we will move back to our level 2 covid rules including still requiring masks within the space but opening up for open evenings and guests being allowed in the space.