Cheap GPS modules from dealextreme

Found these the other day, may be handy for anyone doing something they want
GPS assisted. I’m considering the em-411 for the quadcopter’s GPS assist
(as its the only self contained unit).


*Hints for buying from DX:

  • The prices are including shipping!
  • If you’re getting lots of things, do it in smaller orders. DX get
    everything you order shipped to them, then package it all up and ship it to
    you. Smaller packages means you’ll get some items far quicker.
  • Dont browse, you’ll end up spending about £900 if my experience is
    anything to go by :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Some of the stuff will be fake, or crappy, but its largely cheap enough
    you can forget about it.

**Other Cool stuff
pack of 10 1W LEDs:
Component box:
30W LED!!!:
is the one i bought for the projector mod)