Cleaning / Labelling Stations

There doesn’t appear to be any easily found equipment for labelling things, or standard places to find cleaning supplies around the space, any chance we can get some thick Sharpies, white duct tape and a load of standard dustpans and brushes we can put in labelled locations around the space?

So each location has a roll of tape, a Sharpie, a dustpan and brush, all of which are labelled with the same label as the location - STATION A and the like

It seems that we all want people to label things and clean up after themselves, but make the equipment to do this as hard to find as possible :rofl:

If we want to be really Mancunian about it name the cleaning stations after tram stations :yum:


Fully support this.

The cleaning station by the door has become used for storing other things. I like the idea of that remaining a store for big, bulky, and multipacks of things like bleach bottles, soap bottles, etc and then having handy stations around the space as you describe :+1:

If each had

  • Dustpan and brush
  • Wonder wipes holder
  • Floor brush
  • Directions to where the vacuums live

then that would be a great start.

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If we could standardise a “cleaning station”, with the same equipment, solutions, etc, I’m happy to provide a batch of labels to cover all items, and leave some additional spare labels for each station. Providing more upon request.

My label printer prints industrial resistant labels, and although expensive, they are designed to last.

The printer is costly to buy, £80, and the reels are £20 each, so unless it’s being used continuously, a cost that may not be suitable for the space to purchase outright.

I bought mine as I was working in some horrendous environments that required labelling for my contract work that would withstand the environmental impact they were subjected to.

It may seem a little petty, but I’ve found the dustpans around the space to be inadequate so far. Rather than buying the £2 domestic ones from the supermarket could we get some of the £6.49 builders ones from screwfix that are better suited to the amount of mess being swept up?


That’s the most sensible idea on the entire forum I think :sweat_smile:

Handily they’re the ones I’ve specified in my list :smiley:

If we have the prerequisites for the cleaning stations available anytime soon, I’ll set some time aside on Saturday, if they’re there by then, and label everything up, if the stations are in specific areas, eg: WeldyGrindy = WG, Visual Arts = VA, WoodyDusty = WD, Electronics = E, etc, then I can make quick and cheap work of the labelling.

@Omniatus mentioned in Telegram about a holder for wonderwipes which are so bloody useful.

Would someone be able to 3D print one? Just needs to be a circular base with small lip for the tub

Do you have dimensions for the tube/tub?
Are they the “bucket tubs”, or “flip top cylinders” like baby wipes?

It may actually easier just to have a basket on the stations which can contain misc