Clear the Space - Important Notice to anyone with anything stored within the Hackspace!

Clear the Space

(its Hackspace Manchester not StoreSpace Manchester)

Important notice for anyone who has anything stored in the space that isn’t within official storage areas or with expired storage labels.

We have stressed the need for members to remove old projects etc from the space on a number of occasions over the past few years and now is time to take some more direct action on this.

We will be holding clear the space days on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th November in order to clear up the junk around the space during these days we need volunteers to help sort through the stuff in the space, take items to the tip (as a lot of rubbish isn’t suitable for a skip we will not be getting one)

We will be removing old items with expired DNH stickers so if you have any projects still in the space that you would like to keep please remove them before this date. It is expected that we will have a team contacting those with old projects over the course of those 2 days as a last resort prior to the items being removed but where contact cannot be made we will have no choice but to dispose of the item.

If you can help out over the course of those 2 days please signup on the doodle poll below:

If you can offer transport etc. please let us know.

Once we get the space cleared of old projects etc. following the 5/6th of November. we will be implementing a quarterly audit of all items stored in the space and any items found to be expired will be removed.

Bump! 2 weeks to go on this. I will be in on 5 November with my car but probably not on 6. Volunteers very welcome, especially ones with large cars :smiley:

Will reply here too - has the board actually emailed people about this yet?

I know the forum is often not used by all and Telegram often is too fast moving for people to catch up on

So according to Doodle it will be me, Mark, Connor and Richard there on Friday – any others? I will get there at the crack of whatever as I have to pick up my son from school at 3.20, which I forgot about. Want to put a decent shift in having banged on about this for weeks and weeks.