clearing the "messy" room

There’s still a lot of clutter in the messy room next to the snackspace. I believe the plan was to get a skip, but for various reasons, that’s not happening right now.

If we could get a small team together on one day with 3/4 cars, we could break up and clear a lot of that clutter.

We will also go around the space photographing seemingly abandoned items (the driftwood, the bike frame in woody, etc.) and advertising that they will be earmarked for the tip unless their members claim them.

I can do Tuesdays and Wednesdays starting from 5 October. Anyone want to help?

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I’m on board for a “sort the space day”

I can’t help with transport but I will help as much as I can with sorting and labelling.

Here’s what I’d like to do

  • For large project storage - print a big sign saying “large project storage” on the green room so people know what it is.

  • Label all large items that are in the way. This would be a bright red label with the current date, and a date that it will be disposed of unless claimed and stored correctly.

    • Before when we did this, it was over a period of 3 months. Then everything that wasn’t claimed went.
    • I think given the time the pandemic has afforded we could shorten the time to 1 month if we email out to all members on the system.
  • Sort things into categories.

    • Spare wood could be given / flogged to the wood yard opposite, or maybe a sign outside a week before saying “free wood on (the date), outside, help yourself”

If we did it over a couple of days we could make a huge difference to that area. Great idea.

Agree 100% with all that, @Cone. There’s so much crap lying around and it contributes to the impression that mess is OK, so people don’t leave the place tidy.

Will definitely help assuming I’m not working or anything. I am currently free for 5th October though. I have a car so can do tip runs

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Wonderful stuff. Rossy has indicated that the board still intends to do a “clean the space” day with a skip in November, so any start we can make before then will help.

can we keep the compressor less Guinness fridge for a incubator in the proposed lab

If it makes its way to the lab before it is binned then yes absolutely :slight_smile:

Yeah, if any of it wants salvaging, then by all means take it away and give it a home! But please don’t put any of it in other areas of the space and just leave it there.

ok thanks. a brokendown fridges make the best incubators. ill get it a uvc bulb and heater, the baby milk ones are fantastic for the job.

Waiting on Board to approve minutes from meeting on Saturday, which hope to publish soon, but our proposed plans are:

  • Host a clear out event on Friday 5th & Saturday 6th November
  • Members will be emailed about the event soon so they have at much time as possible to take their stuff before hand.
  • Have group of members contact those who have expired DNH signs via all possible methods, before and on the days of the event to try and avoid getting rid of members belongings.
  • Stuff where we know the owner but aren’t having success contacting may result in possible situations:
    • Bin items
    • Enquire whether other members / museums (situational) would be interested in the items
    • Move items to private storage facility and charge the owner fees

The skip has been cancelled so we’re relying on members helping with tip runs