CNC Machine increased cutting area?

I’ve been having a look at the shapeoko2 that is on loan to us, with regards to increasing the bed size.

It looks like it would be pretty easy to increase the length of the bed to about a meter. I already have some spare 1m pieces of makerslide, and a spiral fluted tap to tap out the ends, all we’d need extra is some extra belt for each side of the axis.

Do we think this would work, or would it make the whole thing too wobbly to cut efficiently? I guess @garlicbread will know best as he’s done the most work with it?

You could try it, some things to think about

  1. When the spindle engages with the material going down, there will be a twisting force so that one side of the Y axis will be pushed one way, and the other will be pulled in the other direction like a lever

  2. The other force will be a bending force the X axis I’m not sure can be compensated for but for the Y Axis you might be able to add additional supports running down onto the spoiler board or an additional bar running across

I’m currently googling to see if anyone else has already tried this before
This might be the shapeoko 1

If we have the frames it might be worth a try

Perhaps have two heads? One that can plunge cut but can’t route.

And one that can route.

The drill will cause less rotation.

I like the idea of an interchangeable head it’s something I’ve been considering for my own cnc. The weight of the drill might be a problem though on the z axis, those Nema 17’s are way under powered

something that’s a cross between a quick change head on a lathe maybe

And a Kinematic Coupling to keep it in the right place

1m x 1m Mod

I just discovered this

This one has a re-enforced X axis from the looks of things probably with different plates

Nema 23 upgrade

and this for Nema 23 upgrades

I incorrectly assumed we’d need different plates to put nema 23’s on but I’m starting to wonder if that’s the case now
there’s probably the cost of the motors and we’d probably need a different driver board
But being able to update it to Nema 23 later on I think would be very useful