CNC Router Advice (Prover 3018)

Hi there, (please let me know if this post should be somewhere else, or move if needed)

During lockdown i bought a prover 3018 cnc router - basically to make boxes with, i thought about a laser cnc but decided i would like to cut deeper wood, so went with the drill.

I can’t use it! everything looks terrible, bad wood tearing on everything. So I was wondering does the hackspace have a router like this? - does anyone use something like this and could spare me a bit of time at the hackspace to run through some of the basics with me?

I just want to make wee dovetail boxes :frowning:

Hi Toast.
Finish is down to several things but here are a few things I’ve found useful.

Type of wood makes a big difference.Hardwoods ate the best.

Have you considered an up-down bit? Have a look on amazon.

Try the above then tweak feed speeds and depth of cut.

Cheers @tonygoacher i’ve pretty much been experimenting with these bits: and boards like these:

Part of the problem i guess is that i don’t know whether its in hardware (bits / crappy wood) or in software (speed / depth)

Use this type for cutting.

I’ve had success with B&M bamboo cutting boards.
The top left cutters in the first pic of the link you sent will be OK but still expect fuzziness in soft wood.

Rough with up down cutter then finish with high speed slow feed fine cutter when doing carving.

If just cutting out then up down cutter is best.

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