CNC router Collets

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Joe Christian

CNC collets - the bits that hold the drilling piece in place. We’re missing them in size 3 and 3.175mm

I’m driving down to Rennie shortly so will pick a couple up for the space.

£ 11.40

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Fully funded by Hackspace

Micro Proposal <£50 - 1 Board Members and 2 Members

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Joe Christian

Supporting Members:

  1. Richard
  2. Nathan K

+1 for me
I think you could probably get away with using the 3mm collet for 3.175mm bits I’m not sure
typically 3mm seems to be one of the more common sizes used for milling bits
a bit worrying it’s gone missing, maybe someone took it out and dropped it some place


Purchased and in the space, thank you kindly.

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